Why freewatt

Renewable energy accreditation

When considering investing many thousands of pounds on solar PV or other renewable energy projects we understand that you need to trust in the credentials of your installation partner and have faith that you will get a reliable return on investment.

We are an award winning company who were the first company in Lincolnshire to gain MCS accreditation for both solar PV and wind turbines and we continually strive to build on our growing reputation for high quality customer service, fine craftsmanship and exceptional products. In fact, some of the largest and most high profile solar PV projects in the region are Freewatt installations.

Our project experience ranges from installing solar PV panels for homeowners as well as working with building developers to incorporate solar panels into new builds, to helping companies develop revenue from installations on warehouses, offices or agricultural buildings, solar PV farms, schools and historic buildings.

We are so passionate about renewable energy that we have built our own £8.5m solar PV farm, an approximately 10acre, solar panel array where we also allow our award winning flock of sheep to graze and keep the grass underneath nicely trimmed – doubling our contribution to the environment.

A quality solar PV installation

Of course gaining MCS accreditation means only that we have achieved the minimum standard for our industry. We prefer that our reputation is also based on a track record of satisfied customers. We are very pleased that over 90% of our new projects come from referrals from satisfied customers that are willing to provide us with glowing testimonials.

Our clients choose Freewatt because of our extensive experience. They appreciate that the best possible returns on investment can only be achieved from a premium quality system that utilises top-quality components, designed and integrated by an experienced solar PV professional. We have built this confidence by focusing on the delivery of a robust solution that will last, and be trouble free for at least 25 years. All our installations come with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee of efficiency.