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Not many photovoltaic solar panel installation specialists are in a position to understand the solar farm planning process from having gone through the process of submitting planning applications for their own £8.5m solar PV Farm.

Our offices are located within agricultural farmlands where we have built our own £8.5m solar farm, because we believe that only by having experienced the processes of selecting a site, choosing manufacturers and negotiating with the relevant planning authorities can you be seen as a credible solar farm consultant.

We mostly work with farmers and land owners renting land as an investment opportunity along with investment groups who are embarking on a solar farm project for environmental and financial reasons. They wish to provide a lasting solution to the growing problem of depleting natural fuels, protect against rising energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and receive an inflation linked (RPI) income for 20 years from the Feed In Tariff (FIT). Stand Alone Solar Farms not only attract the FIT but may also be able to negotiate more favourable export tariffs with Licensed FIT suppliers.

A typical Solar PV array having the potential to deliver a 10-12% annual return from transferring unused energy to the national grid. This is before attractive tax allowances which may be claimed, either via Annual Investment Allowance or the Capital Allowance regime. Our own array is currently 20% above target, despite an atrocious summer in 2012! We also double our investment by allowing our flock of award winning sheep to graze the grasslands underneath!

To read more about our solar PV farm projects please visit our case studies section.

As your solar PV installation partner we can provide up front advice, financial modelling and consultancy through to fully managing your project from design, planning, installation and long-term maintenance.

We currently maintain the Hawton Solar PV farm located at Hawton, near Newark in Nottinghamshire. Consisting of 21,000 solar panels mounted individually on steel racks across 30 acres of former quarry land, this is one of the UK's largest solar PV Farms. Freewatt were appointed due to our extensive knowledge and experience of maintaining such a large scale project and ensuring it is viable as a long term investment option.

If you have your own land or commercial roof we could help you turn it into an even greater income generating asset. Through our Group Company Freewatt Developments we have secured funding for many £100m's of investment to build ground mounted or roof mounted large scale solar PV systems. We could pay you a secured rental for the land or roof space. Contact us for further details.

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