Energy Managing

Taking care of
your future

Saving costs on heating
and electricity

Unless it comes from a renewable source such as solar photovoltaic, each unit of electricity that you use creates carbon emissions. Each kilowatt-hour of electricity that is used has caused the emission of the equivalent of 542.84g/CO2. As well as generating your own electricity, you can reduce your carbon emissions by simply reducing the amount of electricity that you consume. There are a number of things you can do to easily reduce the amount of energy (both gas and electricity) you use both at work and at home.

  1. Get an energy monitor so you know how much electricity you are using
  2. Form an eco-club where you can come up with ideas and plan how to save energy
  3. Always turn the lights off when you leave a room
  4. Don’t leave appliances on standby.
  5. Use energy efficient appliances – such as A rated washing machines.
  6. Unplug mobile phone and laptop chargers when you are not using them.
  7. Use energy efficient light bulbs
  8. Ensure that your home/school/business is properly insulated.
  9. Don’t overfill the kettle – only boil as much as is needed.
  10. Get out of the car – think about walking or cycling to work and/or school.

Solar hot water

Making the most of the
power you produce

Freewatt are an appointed supplier for a number of solar hot water and other energy management devices that will heat your water with the surplus electricity produced by your solar panel system.

Our devices will monitor both the electricity generated by your PV system and that which is coming from or going back to the grid. It then automatically directs any excess generated electricity, not used by the house, to the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder.

If the load from the house increases, e.g. the washing machine is turned on, the device will reduce the amount sent to heat water to help you maintain independence from the grid.

As an independent provider we can make recommendations for the most suitable device which could include: ImmerSUN, Wattsun, Emma, Passiv Systems and SMA home management.

Installing a solar hot water device is a great way to take even more advantage of the electricity your solar panel array is producing to heat water for your home and further decrease your reliance on power from the national grid. All devices we recommend will work alongside your existing hot water system so there will be no need to change your existing immersion heater.