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The majority of our solar panel installations are on domestic properties. Using the sun’s energy to generate electricity for use in the home is the fastest growing use of renewable energy sources and a fantastic investment opportunity.

With a Freewatt solar panel installation you will be protecting yourself against rising energy costs, adding value to your home, whilst also receiving a tax free income for 20 years from the Feed-In-Tariff. Other benefits include knowing that you are helping to protect the environment and, as other fuel reserves continue to deplete, you can rest assured that you are helping to create other sustainable energy solutions.

During the day you use the electricity you generate from the photovoltaic panels on your roof and transfer un-used energy to the national grid, earning a guaranteed tariff for the energy you produce. During the night, our systems effortlessly transfer over to use your existing energy supplier.

Hassle free solar panel installation

We understand that your home is one of your most treasured assets. We take great care of your property during our installations and do not drill roof tiles. We only use premium solutions which include use of the highest quality fixing materials and installation methods. All our installations come with a 10 year insurance backed warranty & a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee of efficiency for the solar panels.

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We strictly follow the REAL code which is designed to protect domestic consumers. If you should proceed to survey, all you will receive afterwards is a proposal by post or email and a quick call to make sure it arrived safely – after that, the decision is entirely yours!

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